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Love Yourself Up - The 5 Day Challenge

Love Yourself Up - The 5 Day Challenge

Prioritize your needs, wants, desires, dreams, and love for yourself every day in this awesome 5 day challenge!

(without feeling stressed out, guilty, or overwhelmed!)

During this 5 day challenge, you will:

  • Learn to prioritize your needs, wants & desires every single day!
  • Kick the worry, guilt, and shame around prioritizing your happiness to the curb
  • Find out why all the things you're doing might not be adding up to loving yourself
  • Create a solid self love foundation!
  • Be eligible to win some AWESOME bonuses! (you're not going to want to miss these!!)

What challengers had to say:

"This wonder-filled challenge to self through self-love guidance has been one of the most profound experiences in my life so far. That thing inside that niggles away at you, the knowing you have that there's something more to life than this. Katie your teachings and your guidance to self-love has opened my eyes to some of the missing pieces. I am still learning, still growing and each day I become a better version of me....it's an amazing short journey in believing in myself and the gift it brings not only to me but to others. Thank you. XX" -K.H.

"The Self Love challenge with Katie has been full of revelations, brought clarity and a new path of positive energy to my life. I highly recommend doing this course!! It took me a few extra days but I enjoyed it thoroughly and looked forward to doing the activities. It really helped me to get through some difficult things I was going through and provided amazing support. Thank you!!"  - E.H.

Challenge yourself.

Challenge your beliefs.

Challenge your limits.


Take the Love Yourself Up Challenge and begin to prioritize your needs, wants, desires, and self love today!

8 Modules

Self Love Journal Prompts!

Enter to Win!!! (Completion Bonus)

What Challengers Had to Say...

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