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Essential Oil Member Resources

Essential Oil Member Resources

This is Essential Oil Education and Resources Created Specifically for doTERRA Wholesale Members.

If you have a doTERRA wholesale account with me and don't yet have access to this item, simply click the small Messenger icon in the lower right corner of your screen and send me a message so we can get it sorted ASAP!

If you do NOT have a doTERRA wholesale account yet and you'd like to make it happen, you can book a free essential oil consult with me by clicking here.

I will answer any questions you may have and together we'll figure out the exact oils you need to start impacting your health & wellbeing today plus get them to you asap!

Once your account is created, I will make sure you get access to this Members only resource.

Katie xx 💕

5 Modules

Intro to Essential Oils

Why doTERRA?

Putting Your Oils to Work

Getting the Most out of Your Wholesale Account

How to DIY It: Recipes & Resources

Modules for this item 5
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