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Tapping for Body Kindness

In this introductory tapping (EFT) practice, we're going to gently tap through different meridians on the body to help release stuck, stagnant energy so that you can create a more loving, peaceful relationship with your body.


If you've never tapped before, not to worry! It is super simple and I do explain what you need to do.

This tapping sequence is for you if you:

  • Can't stand seeing yourself in the mirror and are super uncomfortable in selfies
  • Are tired of feeling terrible about yourself
  • Are fed up with of being on the receiving end of your own insults
  • Desperately want to be comfortable being seen, but you don't know how that's even possible if you can't look at yourself without cringing

Even if this feels like this is built into the fabric of who you are, I promise we can begin shifting it today.

And if you're scared of being labelled as vain or being judged by others, don't worry we cover that too.

I invite you to suspend any doubts you may have about this practice and give it a try!

After all, you've got nothing to lose and SO MUCH to gain! ❤️

Trust the process, have fun experimenting, and know that having resistance is normal.

But resistance isn't a reason to stop.

If you want to experience new things, you've got to be willing to try new things!

Stretch your comfort zone a little today and give this Tapping for Body Kindness a try 👇👇

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