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Self Care Booster

Self Care Booster

Create an intentional daily self care practice that is simple and oh so easy!


Say YES to your needs, experiment with finding what feels best to you, and fill your cup!

This is a mini 7 day course designed to help you create healthy habits to start taking care of yourself again!

During the Self Care Booster, you will:

  • Create a manageable daily self care practice that feels amazing to YOU
  • Learn to fill your cup so you can show up in every area of your life 100%
  • Release the question of "what the heck do I do?!"
  • Say yes to trying new things and having FUN!

Are you constantly EXHAUSTED and always putting others first?

Are you wondering what the heck you would actually do for self care?

Does it feel like you're stuck and it's impossible to do anything for yourself without a ton of time, money, energy and creativity?

Taking care of yourself physically, mentally & emotionally is the answer!


No time? You need just three five minute time slots each day. That's just three ad breaks on tv!

No money for a big investment? The activities are free and the program costs just $2/day!

Worried? Take a deep breath. You've got nothing to lose!

Join Today for Just $14 and Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to Day 1!


Join the Seven Day Self Care Booster today and start saying YES to caring for yourself in a whole new way.

8 Modules

Day 1: Take a Break

Day 2: Get Grounded

Day 3: Thanks

Day 4: Care

Day 5: Words

Day 6: Enjoy

Day 7: Presence

Bonus! Day 8: Reflect

Modules for this item 8
I'm Ready!

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