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The Self Love Lab

The Self Love Lab: the program where women rise together!

If you're here then you're ready to GROW into your best self!

Be DONE with the pain, the heartache, the challenges you face connected to not loving yourself. Be DONE with the self loathing, shame, feelings of unworthiness and roadblocks.

Step into LOVE!

Create a deep, profound appreciation and love for who you are. Become friends with your inner voice and learn to handle mindset challenges and body image woes.

This high-touch group coaching program combines all of the best coaching practices to get you where you want to be!

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Self Love Secrets Masterclass

The 5 secrets my clients uncover to fall madly in love with themselves and achieve their wildest dreams!

(Without reading all the books, sitting in bubble baths all day, or doing all the frilly things the self love gurus tell you to do!)

During this masterclass you will learn:

  • The ONE thing that is getting in the way of you beginning your self love journey
  • Why "shoulds" are your worst enemy
  • What you've got to stop doing to open up to self love
  • Why all your learning efforts are counter-productive
  • How to shift from feeling lonely & confused to wildly empowered!

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Body Love Bootcamp

So you want to love your body, but don't know where to start.  Maybe you're not sure if 1:1 coaching is right for you, or you're hesitant to speak to anyone about your challenges.

The Body Love Bootcamp is the perfect online course to dip your toes into when you're learning to love your body! Over a four week period, you create a solid foundation of learning to love the skin you're in.

This is NOT about losing weight or changing your body.  Anything but!

This bootcamp is about the mental game.  Your mindset, your emotions, and your healthy habits that will bring you into a state of body love & acceptance.

With a new module released every 48 hours, each one includes a video and lesson, there is a workbook to help you work through the entire course, plus in each lesson there are action steps specifically designed to take you one step closer to loving your body. 

This is about the mental game.

Your mindset, your emotions, and your healthy habits that will bring you into a state of body love & complete self acceptance.

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Private Coaching

I love working with my 1:1 clients to create perfectly customized plans for their own unique goals and lifestyle dreams. Whether it's learning to embrace your body, fall into self love or transform your health, there's something for you. 

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Free Subscriber Hub

This is your home for all of my free resources, created just for you as you navigate from being stuck struggling with self acceptance and a poor body image to embracing all that you are and jumping into a healthy life head on!

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Self Care Booster

This is a 7-day online course designed to help you create healthy habits to start taking care of yourself again!

Creating an intentional daily self care practice is simple, easy, accessible to everybody and this booster shows you how!

It's time so say YES to your needs and fill your cup!


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Essential Oils for Self Love

Use pure essential oils to supercharge your journey to self love.

Nature's medicine is seriously powerful and can enhance our health & wellbeing in countless ways.

By incorporating the purest essential oils found in the custom Self Love Kit, you'll be equipped to care for your physical, mental & emotional health as you embrace all that you are and fall in love with life!

- Manage stress and overwhelm

- Reduce physical aches and pains

- Tame worry, fear, and judgement

- Enhance your focus, positivity, and increase energy

- So much more!

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