"Real, relatable, and inspirational. Your podcast is awesome. Seriously." <-- What people say about the Self Love Ignited Podcast! 💗 Tune in here.

💖 Welcome to Self Love Central 💖

Hey There!!

I'm Katie Allen.

I’m a proud Canadian with a wild case of wanderlust calling Australia home!  I'm a body positivity & self love mentor, a little bit obsessed with essential oils and holistic wellness, and am super passionate about leaving this world better than I found it.

If I can be that person in your life that teaches you how to love yourself while the rest of the world is bombarding you with all the reasons you're not good enough... then I’ll consider my mission complete. 💕

👉"Thank you so much, Katie! Your program has helped me build a strong foundation for being healthy and happy according to MY OWN standards. Truly an exceptional experience!"

👉"Thank you Katie. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. And to all of you considering a lifestyle change of any kind, Katie helped me in every way and am confident she can do the same in your life too."

👉"Her coaching is authentic, compassionate, soothing and enlightening. Thank you Katie for shining bright which helps others recognise they too can shine brightly."

If you want this, you're in the right place ❤️

Welcome to my world where self love and body acceptance is yours for the taking!

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Body Confidence & Effortless Visibility: Free Training

Free Training delivered live on on June 18th.

(A replay is currently available)

The Body Peace Summit: All-Access Pass

Make 2020 the LAST Year You Hate Your Body

A summit featuring 12 experts that will educate, motivate, and inspire you to make peace with the body you've got and feel at home in your skin

Members Hub

Your home for free resources!

A variety of freebies created with love just for you! Designed to help you navigate from being stuck struggling with self acceptance and a poor body image to embracing all that you are and jumping into a healthy life head on!

Single 1:1 Coaching Session

Book a Single Private Coaching Session

Love Yourself Up - The 5 Day Challenge

Prioritize your needs, wants, desires, dreams, and love for yourself every day in this awesome 5 day challenge!

(without feeling stressed out, guilty, or overwhelmed!)

Self Care Booster

Create an intentional daily self care practice that is simple and oh so easy! This 7 day booster shows you how.

Say YES to your needs, experiment with finding what feels best to you, and fill your cup!


Essential Oils Webinar: The Basics

A free webinar that covers all of the basics of understanding what doTERRA essential oils are, how to use them safely, plus how to get them into your home!

Essential Oil Resource Library

A variety of trainings and resources to help you use and love doTERRA essential oils in your everyday life

Essential Oil Member Resources

Essential Oil Education and Resources for doTERRA Wholesale Members

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