"Real, relatable, and inspirational. Your podcast is awesome. Seriously." <-- What people say about the Self Love Ignited Podcast! 💗 Tune in here.

It's Your Time 💖

Hey There!

I'm Katie Allen.

I am Canadian but have a big case of the travel bug, am a dog rescuer, lover of plant based food, and a yogi 🧘.

I am a four times certified health & life coach, and am super passionate about spreading body positivity, full body wellness & self love to women around the world. 

If I can be that person in your life that teaches you how to love yourself while the rest of the world is bombarding you with all the reasons you're not good enough... then I’ll consider my mission complete. 💕

👉"Thank you so much, Katie! Your program has helped me build a strong foundation for being healthy and happy according to MY OWN standards. Truly an exceptional experience!"

👉"I was amazed at how each week, these tasks built into bigger building blocks that helped me towards loving myself..."

👉"Her coaching is authentic, compassionate, soothing and enlightening. Thank you Katie for shining bright which helps others recognise they too can shine brightly."

If are craving an experience like this, you're in the right place ❤️

Welcome to my world where self love and body acceptance is yours for the taking!

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Your home for free resources

A variety of freebies created with love just for you.

Designed to help you navigate from being stuck struggling with self acceptance and a poor body image to embracing all that you are and jumping into a healthy life head on!

Single 1:1 Coaching Session

Book a Single Private Coaching Session

Tapping for Body Kindness

Free EFT session to help you feel great in the skin you're in

The Body Peace Summit: All-Access Pass

Make 2020 the LAST Year You Hate Your Body

A summit that was presented live in January of 2021 featuring 12 experts that will educate, motivate, and inspire you to make peace with the body you've got and feel at home in your skin

Body Magic: Coming Soon

You live in a magical body.
It's time for you to remember.

 Group program created to heal your body image and help you created a grounded sense of total wellbeing

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