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Client Testimonials

This is what others have to say about working with me

"I attended Katie's Body Peace Summit and other webinars as well as some coaching. I find her to be so incredibly insightful, authentic and engaging. Her wisdom both professionally and through lived experience shines through her. Working with Katie has been so valuable in supporting me on my journey, paying attention to the parts/thoughts that are often not talked about. I have adopted new ways of thinking and being with myself for which I am so grateful. 🙏"

-Eszter Wong, Australia

"Working with Katie has been great! She's smart, funny and insightful- She quickly helped me to see the truth of my situation and encouraged me to embrace it. Working with Katie has given me a new perspective and practical tools to achieve my goals."

-Alex McLean, Australia

"My sessions with Katie left me feeling empowered and wanting more.  Wanting more of myself.  Yes with her guided questions, her empathetic nature and her genuine hunger to help others there were so many aha moments. For those considering co-creating with Katie doing so will be well worth your time and money she has this way about her that is easy, gentle and yet gets results. Thank you Katie."

-Cindy Gielingh-Jones, Australia

"To say my deep dive session with Katie was amazing would be an understatement. It was so much more than that. It was emotional and encouraging, it was full of ahh-ha moments, tears and some major epiphanies! In a nutshell it was life changing. If you are sitting on the fence wondering if this is for you, if it’s worth it or if it will even change anything than stop wondering and do yourself a favour and dive in, you will not regret it!!! I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you Katie!! X"

-T.A., Australia

"For me being pregnant involved more than just the joy of a baby; it was a time where I had to come face to face with my feelings about my (changing) body, my role in society (hello parenthood!), and my physical, emotional and mental health. Katie helped me to identify my challenges, focus my energy and goals, and gently but efficiently guided me to help myself get to where I needed and wanted to be before giving birth. Thank you so much, Katie! Your program has helped me build a strong foundation for being healthy and happy according to MY OWN standards. Truly an exceptional experience!"

-L. McKeeman, Canada

"I completed a 12-week health and wellness coaching program with Katie. I was amazed at just how she personalized each week to help me realize and overcome the things in my life that were preventing me from loving myself. After each conversation, I was left with some "homework" for the week; some weeks were as simple as finding a new food or recipe to try, and other weeks were more soul-searching. I was amazed at how each week, these homework tasks built into bigger building blocks that helped me towards loving myself (and thus, becoming a better wife, mother and friend). Katie is a wonderful health coach and I would strongly recommend her services to everyone!"

-S.G., Canada

"I've never done coaching before so didn't really know what to expect and was a little nervous, but the minute I jumped on the video call with Katie, I felt at ease. Katie is amazing, she frames things in a way that helps you see the shining light around certain 'pain points' especially if you haven't seen it before - it's awakening and exciting! Her coaching is authentic, compassionate, soothing and enlightening. Thank you Katie for shining bright which helps others recognise they too can shine brightly.  If you are on a path to being your own friend, then coaching with Katie is the way to go, you won't regret it!"

-T.A., Australia


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Client Testimonials

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